• Story about Nikola Pilic An extremely small number of top tennis players continue coaching careers and achieve even better results. Especially if both succeeds each other and last more than half a century -than it deserves our attention and respect.
  • Being a good tennis parent Tennis parents play a vital role in the development of their children as it relates to participation in sports,particularly in tennis.
  • Being a good tennis coach… It’s a privilege to be a coach – to have an opportunity to guide young people in their tennis career. There are many factors which distinguish a good tennis coach from the others.
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  • 12 Dec Orange Bowl Juniors ITF Tournament  
  • 11 Sep US Open Juniors 2016  
  • 10 Jul Wimbledon Juniors 2016  
  • 04 Jun French Open Juniors 2016  
  • 31 Jan Australian Open Juniors 2016  
  • 13 Sep US OPEN Juniors  
  • 09 Aug ITF World Junior Tennis Titles  
  • 12 Jul Wimbledon 2015  
  • 07 Jun French Open 2015  
  • 01 Feb Australian Open 2015  

ABC Tennis Book

Tennis ABC book is emerged as the result of years of work of European and U.S. experts in the field of sport, especially tennis. This useful book is intended for young players-juniors and their parents.  Find Out More


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