• Being a good tennis coach… It’s a privilege to be a coach – to have an opportunity to guide young people in their tennis career. There are many factors which distinguish a good tennis coach from the others.
  • Interview with Nikola Milojevic # 1 ITF junior player It is not often in the world of tennis that two players from the same country, at the same time are the best on the ATP and the ITF juniors list.
  • Interview with Jelena Gencic Identifying a future champion in any sport is a multistage process. It is truly remarkable to be able to recognize special talent from a large group of beginners in a particular sport.
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  • 07 Sep US OPEN Juniors, 2014  
  • 10 Aug Kalamazoo 2014 Junior Tournament  
  • 07 Jul Wimbledon 2014  
  • 10 Jun Roland- Garros 2014  
  • 26 Jan Australian Open 2014  
  • 26 Dec Orange Bowl International 2013  
  • 07 Dec Eddie Herr International 2013  
  • 12 Sep US Open Juniors 2013  
  • 06 Jul Wimbledon Tennis Juniors Championship 2013  
  • 09 Jun Roland Garros 2013- Junior Champions  

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